Váš prohlížeč nemá nainstalovanou podporu pro Javu.

Applet require Java Version 7 Update 55 or newser.
Applet is not digitally signed, add http://www.sallyx.org/ to trusted sites. show more

Java 7 Update 51 z 14.01.2014 blocked all applets, which are not signed by certificate authority. But it costs money, therefore my applets are an will never be signed by certificate authority. To run this applet, you have to add this web as trusted pages.

You can do it in Java Control Panel.

Openning Java Control Panel


  • Launch the Windows Start menu
  • Click on Programs
  • Find the Java program listing
  • Click Configure Java to launch the Java Control Panel


  • Find directory with executable Java programs.
    (Commanad ls -l /etc/alternatives/java might help.)
  • Run command jcontrol


Add server to the trusted list

  • In Java Control Panel select Security tab and click on Edit Site List....
  • Click on the button Add, writte in http://www.sallyx.org/ and click on the button OK.
  • Agree with the security warning clicking on Continue.
  • Close Java Control Panel by clicking on the OK button.
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